Macy’s Worrynomore Protection Plan Service Details

The purpose of this article is to create awareness about a special plan. Macy has a plan for all its customer that is called the worrynomore protection plan. Macy is a huge business and they have built a large customer base. To maintain that customer base, you need to come up with innovate ideas to keep your customers happy. In this article, you will get the details of one such idea. The worrynomore plan is an assurance for Macy’s customer. Read ahead to know the advantages of this plan.

Worrynomore Protection Plan

Worrynomore Protection Plan

This plan was initiated for the purpose of giving customers professional protection to their furniture products, area rugs, fine jewelry, mattress, and also on your watches. The plan comes in different variants. You can choose the variants according to your purchase and the need. First, let us follow the different variants of this plan under different categories. If you feel you are interested then you can scroll down to know how to claim this plan for yourself.

Ultimate Furniture Protection Plan 

Worrynomore Protection Plan Furniture

This is one of the variants and it contains the following advantages.

  • You can use your indoor furniture without worrying about it for 5 years.
  • This plan comes with unlimited in-home professional repairs.
  • The service network is wide in range.
  • Your furniture will be replaced even if it can’t be repaired.
  • There will be a toll-free line for the customer.
  • You will also get an eco-friendly furniture care kit.

If you asking what will be included in the eco-friendly kit then let us tell you it will have: 8 oz. Fabric & Microfiber Cleaner, Leather Cleaner, 4 oz. Leather Protection & Wood polish along with Sponge & Cloth and also the Protection Plan Certificate.

Gold Furniture Protection Plan

This variant is a little different, here are the services you will be avail of:
  • You can be worry-free about your outdoor furniture for 5 years.
  • The service provides you unlimited in-home professional repairs.
  • You will be provided service at your place no matter where you live.
  • Furniture if not been able to be repaired then it will be replaced.
  • You can ask for a particular matching piece from your set too.
  • The toll-free line for any advice regarding your furniture.
Note: If you damage the cushions of your furniture then only the cushions will be replaced and not the whole furniture.

Mattress Protection Plan

This plan is for your mattress that your purchase from Macy. It comes with the following advantages:
  • This service is for 10 years.
  • If there are any stains on your mattress, professional service will be provided to remove the stains.
  • The stains that void your warranty will also be removed.
  • If Macy is not able to clean your mattress then it will be replaced.
  • The mattress protection also covers tear and seam separation.

There are three types of protection for your mattress, you can choose either one.

  • Perfect Protector – Basic Protection
  • Bedgard Supreme - Comfort Protection
  • Total Protector - Best Protection
Note: If the mattress is not available in the store then it will be replaced for an equal or lesser value compared to your Mattress.

Area Rug Protection Plan

This plan is specifically for Area Rugs available at Macy’s.

  • This plan will give 7 years of worry-free protection.
  • It will also provide professional service of removing stains from your rugs.
  • The service network range is wide.
  • The area rug will be replaced in case it cannot be repaired.

Fine Jewelry Protection Plan

Now, this plan will cover your fine jewelry problem.

  • This plan will give 3 years of protection to your fine jewelry.
  • Jewelry inspection will be free with this plan.
  • This plan will provide free jewelry polishing and cleaning.
  • You can repair it for free.
  • This protection plan will help you with bracelet shortening, restringing of pearl strands for free.

Watch Protection Plan

  • You will get 3 years of protection for your watch.
  • You can replace your watch batteries for free
  • This plan will protect the cost of parts and labor needed to repair the inner working.

How To File A Claim?

You can claim this protection plan through the worrynomore app or you can visit the website and get the protection for your furniture, mattresses and area rugs. In the case of fine jewelry and watches, you can take the product along with the protection plan receipt to any Macy’s store.

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I expect that you must have understood the following process of the protection plan. If you have any doubts regarding this you can freely ask us in the below-given box and we will surely reply to you back. If you want to know more about Macy then go and visit the official site of it or follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube.

Updated: December 9, 2020 — 10:29 am

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