Macy’s Visitor Savings Pass

Today’s article is written with a focus on saving your money while shopping at Macy’s. We all want to save when we shop. That way we will be able to shop is less amount and savings would make us happy and feel a little bit more satisfied. Thus Macy provides us opportunities in between to shop from them and also save some money for ourselves. This way they are giving what the customers want and satisfying us. This also helps to create a good impression on their customers.

Our main focus will be one of the ways through which Macy’s allow us to save while shopping and that is the Macy’s visitor savings pass. This is a kind of pass that helps the customers to save some amount of money when they shop. The good thing about this pass is that it is applicable to a variety of products that they sell. The range is high therefore it is applicable to most of the products.

The Macy’s visitor savings pass comes for two kinds of customers. One is called the domestic savings pass which the name suggests is for the domestic customers and the other one obviously is for the international customers which are called the international savings pass. Let us now move onto knowing the details of each of the types of savings pass.

Domestic Savings Pass

Domestic Savings Pass

As the name suggests that this pass is for the customers of Macy who come in the domestic type of customers and are not from out of the country. This domestic savings pass is very easy to use. The customers only need to download and print this pass on their phone or any other devices that they can carry to the store. Once you carry the device, ensure to show the store your savings pass and you will then get a 10% discount on your shopping on selecting but a wide range of products.

This image on your right is how your visitors’ savings pass should look like. You can simply print this and take it to the store and show them at the time of billing your products. They will then provide you with a 10% savings on selected items. Without this pass, you won’t be provided any kind of savings.

International Savings Pass

Now coming onto another type of visitors’ savings pass which is the International visitor’s savings pass. This savings pass is only for international visitors at Macy’s. The way to use it is the same as the way you need to use the domestic savings pass. So you only need to visit the Macy’s website and print this pass on your device. Once you have completed the printing process. You can then visit the store to purchase the product you want and show the pass at the counter to redeem it. You will only get a 10% discount on your total purchase amount. Also, just a reminder that this pass is not applicable to all products. There is a defined range of products on which you can use it. The International visitor’s savings pass would look like the image above but the details inside would be a little different. So, just be careful while you are printing the visitor’s savings pass. You should be careful whether the pass is applicable to you or not.


This brings us to the end. The Macy’s visitors’ savings pass is a great way to save your money while shopping at Macy’s. This way you can shop more and save a little of your money as well. In case you find any difficulties understanding how to use both kinds of visitors’ savings pass then let us know in the comment section below and we will try to help you.

Updated: December 8, 2020 — 4:02 am

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