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Macy’s is a well-known brand that offers various types of clothing services of women, men and children. They have many stores across the world for they believe in providing the customers with the best service. Thus, this article is about the general information one should know regarding Macy’s store pick up. They have a variety of facilities for the customers to explore.

Macy’s Store Pick Up General Information

Store Pick-up

Macy store provides customers with various kinds of offers and facilities. One of these facilities may include that you can shop online and pick up the order from the store. Please note that there will be no shipping charges held against such orders. Here are some key points on how this service works:

  • Select whatever you want to purchase and place your order accordingly.
  • You will have to select the store who will pick up your order and it will receive it.
  • Your order is often taken from the store’s inventory which they have currently and is prepared for you.
  • The store will contact you when the order is ready for you to pick up or in case of any other changes or queries.

Here are six key points one needs to keep in mind while going through this Macy’s store pick up procedure. We have briefed them for your understanding so go through each one of them.

Look For Products Using The Pickup In-Store Option:

Here is how this in-store pickup system works:

  • Enter a product name or description of the item you want to buy in the search bar located on the top of your webpage.
  • Choose the Free Pickup Today option which will include your assigned store and help you for the same.
  • The Macy’s store pick up that is available for your assigned store will eventually pop up at your screen.

Pickup Location:

One must take care that they have selected the pick-up location before placing your order to avoid any trouble.

  • Go to the product page and select your assigned store, look for the Free Pickup in store option right below.
  • In the case of a shopping page, you can select the assigned store and look for the store pick-up option accordingly.
  • Please make sure to select a new store from the list you have been provided.

Please Note: If your store is not showing up on the list, there might be a situation of your product not being currently available in that particular store.

Free Pickup In-Store At Checkout:

Macy's Store Checkout

When you are done shopping, please remember to select the Free Pickup In-store option on the webpage. After you have chosen this option, your shipping fee will be marked Free. Once your order is ready for its pickup, you will be charged accordingly.

In case, the order is not available at your assigned store, you can always choose it to ship from another store and pay the charges for the same.

Choose Who Picks Up Your Order:

You must be the primary person to pick up the order if you place it. In case you know you won’t be available for your  Macy’s store pick-up, you can assign someone else as an alternative pickup during the checkout only. We see that these are the only options where you can pick up your order.

Please Note: The store will require an authorized government ID for anyone else to pick up the order for you.

Ready For Pickup:

If you successfully place your order by at least 3 pm in your time zone, your order will be ready for you to pick up by the end of the day. The store will contact you through an email when you can pick up your order.

How long will they hold your order: The store will hold your order for a week or seven days for you to pick it up. You will get a full refund in case your order is canceled if you don’t pick it up within seven days.

Things required for pickup: Both you and your alternative person should carry a copy of the Macy’s store pick up email which will include a barcode for the store to scan. One must also have an authorized government ID for the store representative to swipe and verify.

Where to approach for your order: All the pickup locations might vary from store to store. Your email will include precise information for the same.

Gifting: All the gift wrap services may vary from the store location but will be available.

Try on your items: The Macy’s store always has fitting rooms for you to try your items in case you want to have a look.

Registry Items: One can always shop gift registry items for an in-store pickup.

Change Or Cancel The Order:

One can change or cancel the order for In-store pickup within the next 15 minutes of placing your order.


This article was all about Macy’s store pick up information and details. We hope it helped you with all of your questions, please write down to us how was it helpful for you. We also welcome other store-related questions, drop freely and we will get back to you. Thank you for your time!

Updated: December 8, 2020 — 4:00 am

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