Macy’s Star Rewards

This article will focus on the reward system of Macy’s. There are many companies that provide some kind of rewards to their customer. Why? This is because every company wants to retain and increase their customer base. This means you need to keep giving them a reason to shop at your company rather than choosing some other company. One of the methods to satisfy your customers is to create a reward system.

This reward system is just like a game, you keep on leveling up as you play more. In this case shop more. From the company’s viewpoint, you are shopping more so it is benefiting them. From your point of view, you are saving money on large purchases. Saving a little by little will prove to be more helpful in the long term. Our focus will be on the particular reward system of Macy’s.

About Macy’s

We all know how Macy has built up to be one of the most successful companies in the world. So we will just state some of the points from the company’s history. This company started in 1851. They have been very consistent with understanding the needs of its customer. When you show that you understand their needs and provide them with what they expect and sometimes give them something that did not know is helpful to them.

You tend to become successful because the customer is the ultimate factor behind your success. This success meant spreading the company through the country and they did. Now, they have around 775 stores with 125,000 employees working in those stores.

Macy’s Star Rewards

Macy's Star Rewards

This is a star reward system that increases your points under this system on every purchase you make. These reward points can be issued and you can make any kind of purchases out of it. This includes top brands and designer products as well. We have pointed this out because they rarely go on sale. You also have to take care that once you issue these reward points you will only have 30 days to use it. After which they will get expired.

This reward system has 3 levels. Starting with the bronze member, then moving up to the silver member, and finally the platinum member. At every stage of the membership, you will have some kind of advantages that will better than the previous stage of membership. As you make purchases and save up points you will move up in the membership level. You can not go above platinum membership.

In other words, you need to maintain an average purchasing amount to become any kind of member. Let us clarify the range. To become a bronze member you must have a net purchase amount of $1 to $499.99. To become a silver member your net purchase amount should be $500 to $1,199.99. Finally, to become a platinum member your net purchase amount must be $1200+.

You can also connect this reward program to your existing account. If you don’t have an online account you will have to create it and then link it from the website. You just have to enter a few personal information.


This brings us to the end of the article. Our motive was to explain what is Macy’s star reward system as well as how to use it and the basic details of this rewards system. If you are one of the customers who are interested to become a member of this company then you should at least know this information. This article was purely for spreading information. We have provided a comment section below in case you did not understand anything in specific then we are here to help and fix your issue.

Updated: December 8, 2020 — 4:01 am

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