Macy’s Return Policy Explained For Different Products

This article will provide you an overview of Macy’s Return Policy. Our intention is to provide information all in one place. It is very rare to find all the information in one place. We have researched it for you and all the aspects are included in this article. Our focus will be Macy’s Return Policy so the aspects will revolve around this topic. You should be able to find information easily through the help of our structure.

Macy’s Return Policy

Macy Return Policy

The first and foremost information that every customer should know is the return time period. According to Macy’s Return Policy, customers will have 180 days to make their returns. This is the general time period for returning products back to Macy. Some specific products may have fewer or more days to return them. This policy also has some exceptions in them that will be discussed further.


Now, as Macy sells so many products of different categories, not all products can have an identical return policy. The general return policy states a time period of 180 days but there are other products that have a different return time period. When you talk about Macy’s clearance sale then the products bought on that occasion have a return period of 30 days only. So you need to be careful while buying at that time.

Macy’s Return Policy – Different Products

Now, we will discuss in detail the different brands or products that have a different return period than 180 days. Apple products from Macy has a time period of 30 days only. Also, you have to remember that you can only return these products to the Macy’s store who have Apple products. As not every Macy store sells Apple products.

The second product will be the rugs purchased from Macy’s. Customers will have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the area rugs back to the store through the mail. You can only choose to return the rug back to the store if you have bought it from the store and in that case, you will only have 7 days to make your return. In case you have bought a rug online then you need to return it through mail only within 30 days.

Designer brands like Burberry, Gucci, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, and Tous has a return period of 14 days only and if these brands products are customized then you can not return the product at all. Apparels that you buy from Macy needs to be returned within 60 days from the time of purchase. All Finish Line products have 45 days return period for all customers.

Fur clothing bought from Macy’s needs to be returned within 30 days of purchase. Customer also needs to remember that not all store accepts the Fur clothing. Another non-returnable item is the Gourmet Food & Wine, you can contact the store in case the product is delivered damaged. Jewelry & Watches has a 30 days return period.  Small Electronics will have a 60 days return policy. Opticals has a 30 days return period in Macy. and personal care products have a 60 days return period. The Styled ring can be returned before 30 days from the time of your purchase.

Return Process At Macy’s

Return ProcessYou can make your return in two ways either walk-in to the store and return the product or mail your product to the company’s address. If you choose to return the product through walk-in, then you should know you can return at any Macy’s store and the product must not be damaged or missing any component and you should have the receipt.

If you want to return it though mail, then you need to pack the product back in a good manner. Pack all the components and don’t miss out on anything and also attach the return label that came along with your delivery or you can print a new one on Macy’s website. You can also make your return request online.

Macy’s Refund Policy

With Receipt – You will get a full refund if you provide the proof of your purchase. You will get your refund in the original way of your payment in some business days.

Refund Policy

With Gift Receipt – If you provide the receipt for a gift card or a return label then the refund will take place in the form of store credit.

Without Receipt: Macy allows customers to return without receipt too but the refund will be provided on the product’s lowest selling price in the last 180 days.

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