Macy’s Pricing Policy – Know Their Online Pricing Policy

This article is to help our readers who want to know about Macy’s pricing policy. There are many rules and regulation that builds up a policy. This policy is also made considering many factors. This policy is for the online store of Macy’s. We will discuss this policy in detail to know about it and we want to try to make the information come easy to you for your understanding.

Macy’s Pricing Policy

Macy Pricing policy

This policy also includes the price adjustment policy that we have already talked about. Check out this link to read that article. If you think you are eligible for the price adjustment then you contact the company through this link. There are exceptions to this policy. Remember that the online store and the brick and mortar store works differently. Let us help you to understand with the help of an example.


  • You may find something at the online store of Macy’s that you may not find in the store.
  • The pricing might be different to the same product in both stores.

Along with this you also need to take care of aspects like the coupons. Some coupons that are offered may not work in both stores. It may work online but not at the regular store. So, you need to take care of that and read the terms and conditions provided in the coupon itself.


  • There are cases when the store will provide you coupons but it won’t be applicable for online stores.
  • The promo code and free shipping offer that is provided in the online store cannot be applied in the store.

More About The Pricing Policy

The prices that are set for international customers will also differ from the price that is set in the US Website. The international cost will include or the international shipping price as well whereas the US shipping will not have an international service charge.

The pricing od Gift cards will remain the same throughout the United States. Either you think of buying a gift card or an e-gift card. The gift card can be purchased from the store and also be used at the store. The e-gift cards can be bought online and can also be redeemed online only.

Prices And Terms Mean

Price and terms

At Macy’s wherever you see “REG.” it will mean Regular and “ORIG” will mean Original. Another thing you should know is if you see that Macy has put up a banner stating “Watches on sale” this will not mean all the watches are on sale. Macy will include the word “all” in the banner if every product from that category is for sale. There can be cases where you will find that Macy has reduced the price of a particular product after the sale of that product.

Macy also has also stated that if they use terms like “Original,” “Closeout,” “Clearance,” “Now,” “Permanent Markdown” or “Just Reduced,” this will mean the price of that particular category or product has permanently reduced and will not come back to its original price. Macy also uses a technique of clearing their stock. They will put a discount on the product, if the product is still not clear from their inventory then the discount will increase.

The terms like “Orig/Now,” “Clearance,” “Closeout” and “Special Purchase” when used will completely depend on the stock of that product. Another such term that the customers should know is the term “Everyday Value” this represents the everyday price of that item.

If you use Macy’s Gift Card,  At times, they will offer an additional discount when you use a promotional code or your Macy’s Credit Card. You can call at 1-800-289-6229 to ask any kind of pricing policy questions.

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We hope this article helped you to understand Macy’s Pricing Policy. Along with the terms that Macy uses at its stores and online stores. This will help you to clear your minor doubts while shopping at Macy’s. In case you want to ask us anything regarding this article. Go to the comment section below and ask us.

Updated: December 9, 2020 — 10:28 am

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