Macy’s International Return Policy

We all are well aware of the brand Macy and how they are very famous amongst their loyal customers. They are not only famous for their collection of products but how they make it so convenient for the customers. They always aim to make themselves better at their services and make it as feasible as possible. Thus, this article is to brief you about Macy’s International return policy in detail to clear any of your queries.

International Return Policy

Macy’s International Return Policies

Let’s get straight to the point, here are some of the key factors of Macy’s International return policy.

For International Orders:

A customer can email their concern to the respective email address in case of an unsatisfied product. After going through your situation, the store will write back to you with further instructions on return and refund. One must return the product within the timeframe of 180 days of the purchase. All customers belonging to the European Union are requested to back out their purchase within 7 days of their transaction. Borderfree will provide the customer with the amount of the product with the shipping if canceled within the timeframe.

Please Note: Most of the return based on preference will not refund the shipping cost.

Directly From A Vendor:

Macy’s International return policy includes various kinds of options for the customers. In this type, one must carry their invoice to look for any instructions for the return of their purchase. If one is not able to find them, they can always write to them on their email address through their official website.

Return A Gift You Received:

Even if you received a product as a gift you would like to return, we have a facility for such cases too even if you are an international gift recipient. Kindly go to their official website and write en email to gain the instructions specifically based on your location and region.

Please Note: Once a gift is returned, the amount is refunded to the original purchaser.

No Returns At A Macy’s Store:

Macy's Store

International orders cannot be returned directly to a Macy’s store for the convenience of everyone.

Time Taken For Refunds To Reach You:

Well, the store is a big brand and hence they take their services very particularly. Macy’s international return policy allows you to return the item as simple as possible. They carry the refund process immediately after they receive the product. If it is taking longer than the estimated time, the customers can check-up with their banks as it depends on their processing time too. Borderfree will notify you with an email of refund processed for your convenience, even though refunds might take a few days.

Return Product Purchased At A Macy’s Store If You Live Abroad:

Even if you purchase an item from the store itself, and later not satisfies for any reason of your own. You can email your request to the Macy’s and include some details of your store receipt given below.

  • Purchased Store Number.
  • Registration Number.
  • Transaction Number of billing.
  • The date you purchased the product.
  • UPC number with a brief description of the product.
  • Your reason to return the product.
  • Your Address and mobile number.

Once you have provided the above details in your email request, Macy’s international return policy staff will contact you within 48 hours and assist you for the same.

No Exchanges:

Any of the items that are purchased for international shipping cannot be exchanged online or in-store. Thus, make sure you get what you want or else you won’t be able to return it or get a refund for the same.


In this article, we came across various kinds of Macy’s International return policy. We hope it cleared your doubts and helped you with the same. Since we want to help you more, make sure to drop your thoughts and queries below and we shall get back to you. Also, if you want to suggest something we are always open to such minds too. We hope this was helpful, Thank you and have a good day!

Updated: December 8, 2020 — 3:59 am

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