Macy’s Green Living

This article is based on the projects and work that Macy’s does to keep the earth safe and green. You will find the latest news on what they did and along with it, we will also try to set up statistics to prove the point. Every company should do some projects like this because we already carry out different projects that affect the fresh air and effects the earth in a negative manner. This is not a good sign for us

We hope this article shows and gives you different ideas to follow up on. If you are a businessman and running a business then you should be doing something for the earth as well. This is just like the CSR activities we carry out for society. These activities are for the earth instead of society. Here we try not to pollute the earth. We try not to use natural resources more than necessary.


Macy's Logo

Macy is an American company. Basically a chain of stores. Rowland Hussey Macy is the founder of this company. The company started in 1858. They also affiliated their company with Bloomingdales. Macy has always put its customers first and they have been loved for it. The understanding of what its customer needs has made them very successful. This has boosted the company and they have spread their business across the country. As of today, the company has approx 125,000 employees and they have around 775 stores.

Macy’s Green Living

Macy’s have been taking initiative in favor of the earth and trying to help it.┬áLet us start with the biggest achievement of the Macy green living project. Macy tries to use solar energy and run electricity. The daily production of electricity using solar energy is 108.9 MWh. This is clean energy. To understand it in a better manner. Let us show you what it is equivalent to. On a daily basis when Macy creates 108.9 MWh of electricity it is equivalent to:

  • 89.3 tons of carbon
  • 12,040 dollars saved
  • 198,119 miles not driven

Now, let us move on the headlines that Macy is making for the earth. As we know April is the earth month therefore Macy is celebrating this month with their customers. Macy is providing reusable bags to their customers for the whole month. Along with this, they are also planting trees with origins. All this helps the earth in the long term and this act should encourage other companies to follow as well. This is because to make a change in the world as big as ours we will require as much help as possible.

What Is Sustainability?

There is no fixed definition mentioned anywhere about sustainability. Everyone has their opinion and viewpoints. There are different ways to achieve it. We need to sustain the resource that is scarce in nature and are in danger of getting over or coming to an end. So we try to sustain it for a long time period. We do this to maintain a balance in the world. This is to maintain an ecological balance as well.


Our motive was not just to show what Macy does for the environment or for the world. The main motive behind all this is also to show what we all can do for our earth. Sustainability is important and we should not waste the resources that limited. We are not respecting what we have right now. As it is said you don’t understand the importance of something until you lose it. With this, we end our article. In case you have any kind of doubt with this article then let us know in the comment section.

Updated: December 8, 2020 — 4:02 am

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