Macy’s Gives – A Program To Make A Difference In Society

We researched and gathered some information on Macy’s Gives. This is a very supportive initiative from Macy. This article will cover the details of this initiative and along with this explain the purpose, how is it affecting and a few statistics to show you what kind of difference did Macy makes until now and how are they continuing with it. We have chosen to write about this article to show people how Macy is helping society. We will get into the details now.

About Macy

About Macy

Macy is based in the United States. This company was established in 1858 and Rowland Hussey Macy was the founder of this company. The company started its operation from Cincinnati and from there they grew their business across the United States. Macy’s gives is known for its contribution on occasions like Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July. This also gives an opportunity for the employees of Macy to be a part of it. The company name was R. H. Macy & Co. which later changed to “Macy’s Inc” in 2007. According to the records of 2017, Macy’s annual revenue was $24.8 billion and had an employment force of  130,000 employees.

Macy’s Gives Causes

Macy's Gives

This section will help you to understand what Macy is doing and what are the causes behind their initiative. If you will read news about Macy’s Gives you will find various occasions for which Macy helps the community. Not only that the company also tries to help the victims of an accident or any incident. Let us take some examples of their real work towards society. The El Paso Victims, The company raised money for The Trevor Project, they helped the community on 9/11 this year.  Coming on to the causes:

Clothing Donation

Macy's cloth donate

Macy’s gives people in need of clothes. They believe clothing could help you become confident and you can start feeling good about yourself and clothing is necessary that way. For this reason, they provide clothing to people who may need them to go to school or to go to work. This can directly affect their success.

Hunger Relief

Macy Hunger ReliefThere are 40 million people around the United States and many of them are in a condition where they don’t get food to eat. For this cause, Macy’s gives, decided to bag some food and transports them to the people in need. Food is a basic necessity in one’s life and that is something the least we could offer and make someone’s life better.

Disaster Support

Macy's gives disaster supportWhen there is a disaster, many things around us get destroyed and it becomes difficult to re-build it. So, Macy’s gives partners with the relief organization and helps them with manpower and supports and provides them their services. There are many things to be done around where the disaster occurred and one small help can make a huge difference and if we all come together, it will make an impact.

Wish Granting

Macy's Wish GrantingWe have seen many cases where people are suffering from critical illness especially children. Macy believes even a small effort can bring a smile to children’s faces. With the help of people, Macy’s gives tries to collect money from the donation and help children to make their wish come true and bring a smile on their faces.

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This completes our Macy’s Gives information. The initiative that Macy took has helped many people around the United States. We hope our information was clear to our readers and you were able to understand the initiative that Macy took to help people. The reason and the causes they help our critical and we can help them achieve more by donating. In case you want to ask us anything you can use the comment section.

Updated: December 9, 2020 — 10:30 am

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