Macy’s Gift Card – Check Your Balance Sitting At Home

This article will revolve around Macy’s Gift Card. You will get information that will start with a brief understanding of this card that will be followed by how to check the balance in your gift card. We found there are small doubts and confusion when it comes to understanding the basic function of this gift card. We want to give our readers complete information on how you could use this gift card along with its purpose. Let us move forward to understand the basics of this gift card.

Macy’s Gift Card

Macy Gift Card

Gift cards as the word explain it is a card that can be gifted to your friends or family. A particular gift card will have some virtual money in it and the person you gift it to can buy anything up to the limit of that virtual money. Another thing you should know is that a gift card works at a particular place. Macy’s Gift Card is a gift card that will only work on purchases you make from Macy’s.

The gift card needs to be bought for a particular amount and you can then gift it to anyone you like. Then, that person can come to the store make a purchase and instead of using cash, he or she can just show the gift card and complete the purchase. Macy’s Gift Card comes for different amounts. The gift card starts from $25 ad goes till $100. If you buy a $40 gift card then whoever you gift it to can buy $40 worth of products from Macy’s.

Now, there is a very small benefit to the customers who are buying this gift card too. If you buy a $25 gift card you will get a $0.25 on your store credit. Now, this will increase as the amount increases and on a $100 gift card purchase you will get a dollar. It is very less we know but this is something you will get from the store on your gift card purchase.

How To Use The Gift Card?

There are two ways you can redeem your gift card. You can either go to the store to make your purchase and at the checkout, you can show them your gift card and they will redeem it for you. Another way to redeem it is to do it online. You can visit the website of Macy’s, choose the product you want to purchase and then you can at the checkout there will be an option to fill out the gift card details, filling that and checking out will help you to redeem your gift card.

How To Check Macy’s Gift Card Balance?

Macy Gift Card Balance check process

This section will help you to understand what are the ways through which you could check your Macy’s gift card balance. It is not necessary that you will use all your gift card balance at once. Hence you would be eager to know about your balance after making a purchase. If you made the purchase long back and you can’t remember how much you had you can learn about your balance through 3 methods.

Online Method

You can check your gift card balance sitting at home. Go to this link to check your balance. Let us explain what you need to do once you are on the page we gave the link to. The page will ask for your card number and also your CID number. Type in both the information with the help of your gift card. Both this information will be at the back of your gift card. After successfully entering the details you will be taken to a page. This page will reveal your gift card balance.

Through Phone

Another easy way to check your gift card balance. This method does not require an internet connection either. There will be one thing that will be required in all the methods, that is the gift card itself or if you remember the gift card details you won’t require the gift card either. So, in this method, you only need to call at 1-800-511.2752 and provide your gift card details. You will then be told about your gift card balance on the phone itself.

In-store Method

This method is also very simple in use. For this method, you will have to visit the store and at the help desk you can show your gift card and they will find the balance of your gift card in their system and then let you know. So, don’t forget to carry your gift card.

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This completes the Macy’s Gift Card information from our side. We hope our article was easy to understand and you were able to find your answers in our article. If you had any difficulty, we have provided a comment section below for you to reach out to us.

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