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Macy’s is one of the brands famous not only for its clothing but beauty products too. This article is to guide you upon various factors about Macy’s Beauty Box. It will brief you with a wide range of information and deals with the beauty box program. You will be charged $15 per month for one beauty box as per your subscription. Thus, we hope this helps you and your queries regarding the subscription, payment and more.
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Beauty Box General Information

Beauty Box Subscription:

Visit their official Beauty Box Website and enter your email address for the subscription. You can join the program depending upon the availability or add your name to their Macy’s Beauty Box waiting list.

Waiting List Procedure:

After you have successfully subscribed to their beauty box, they will send you an email as soon as they open up a spot for the subscription. After receiving the email, go through the instructions and follow accordingly. One will have just around 48 hours to subscribe or the spot will be given to the next person in line.

Please Note: A Macy’s profile is a must to join the program and be on that waiting list.

To Purchase A Single Beauty Box Without Subscribing:

One can purchase Macy’s beauty box for a single-use without subscribing to it every month. It is essential for the customers to like it and hence given a choice to subscribe for the same.

Returning Samples:

They don’t follow any kind of return or exchange policy for the beauty box samples.

Review The Products:

Beauty Box Products

The store welcomes all kinds of reviews for their chance of improvement. You can write it on their email when they ask you or to their product page to write it online.

Manage Your Beauty Box Subscription

Update Your Address:

In case one needs to update their shipping or billing address or any other information for the same. You can visit manage the subscription page and update your details for Macy’s beauty box accordingly.

Please Note: All the edits will be updated to your profile so make sure to update it to avoid any kind of trouble.

In Case You Lose Your Billing/ Shipping Information:

If you lose or delete your billing info in your profile it will simultaneously delete it from the subscription as well. Visit their beauty box manage subscription page and enter your info to keep the subscription.

Cancel Your Subscription:

Follow the instructions on the Manage subscription page and you will be good to go.

Please Note: Make sure you cancel your subscription before your order is shipment(10th of the month).

Put Your Subscription On Hold:

You have to cancel the Macy’s beauty box subscription since you cannot put it on hold.

Billing And Payment

Different Forms Of Payment Accepted:

  • Macy’s Card
  • Macy’s American Express Card
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express Card

Payment Denied at The Time of Monthly Order Procedure:

In case your payment wasn’t successful, you will receive an email stating you need to update your payment. Update your information on the manage subscription page as well. If there is a problem with your credit card processing, your order will not be shipped and no amount will be deducted for the same. In case one fails to pay for Macy’s beauty box subscription for over two months, their subscription will automatically be canceled with an email sent to you for the same until you re-subscribe.

Shipping Information

Overall Shipping Policy:

Standard shipping is free.

Shipment Restrictions:

Available only in 48 neighboring cities of the United States.

Track Your Beauty Box:

A Macy’s beauty box can be tracked by using the tracking number provided in the email sent for confirmation of your order.

Beauty Box Shipment Hasn’t Arrived:

Please check your subscription status on the beauty box manage the subscription page and check your information for the same.

Suspension for the subscription can be for the following reasons:

  • Expired credit card.
  • Missing billing/shipping address.
  • Missing information.
  • Location not in the shipping policy.


Since this article was all about Macy’s Beauty Box and how you can manage your subscription for the same. Hence, we hope this was helpful and solved all your queries regarding it. Also, we will be glad if it helped you in any way, please write to us in the comment section or for any more query and we will get back with your required answers. Thank you for your time!

Updated: December 8, 2020 — 3:59 am

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