About Us

We have created myinsite.me to provide full information on the company “Macy.” Our motto is to provide you with information which will help you understand what are the feasible login procedures of the company along with other aspects of this company. All in one place.

We can only get better when we understand our readers and therefore we also provide a comment box in all of our articles. You can comment in the comment box to share your thoughts on these login procedures. Furthermore, this comment box proves to be helpful as you can ask any questions related to the article and we will reply to it. 

We keep on updating our content so we could help you in the most efficient way possible. We will answer your questions on a daily basis.

What made us take this initiative?

On my first day at my new organization, I was all confused about what to do, where to submit my documents, etc. One of my colleagues said to me everything happens here on the portal. You will get all the help from there. I got blank as I was afraid of where to go to access this portal. What would I need to access this organization portal?

As the internet has all the answers, I searched for it on the internet but there was no clear instruction or complete information. It got all very confusing. That made me think about the necessity of this aspect. From what I thought of building a website that will have all the important information on a particular company.

Our Motto

We intend to provide information which is correct and updated in nature. We also try to make it as simple as possible and use language which is easy to understand.