About Macy

We are here to focus on the company, Macy. Macy has been one of the renowned places to shop for the majority of the customers. This article will mainly focus on what the company deals in and what are the aspects that Macy works on. You can also know the details about the basic history of the company. We are writing this article for the purpose that customers like to know about the company at least from the outside and so this could be called a complete overview of the company.

About Macy

About Macy

Rowland Hussey Macy founded a company named Macy. In 1858 this company started its operation. The company is based in the United States particularly in the state of Ohia in a city named Cincinnati. The company when started was named R. H. Macy & Co. In 2007 the company changed its name to “Macy’s Inc.” As of 2015, Macy was the largest department store in the United States. The main store of Macy is considered to be in New York City.

According to the data, Macy had 130,000 employees until 2017. Along with annual revenue of $24.8 billion. Events like Thanksgiving and Fourth of July, Macy conducts them and also sponsors for the fireworks display. This tradition has been going on since 1976.

Macy Employee PerksĀ 

This section will help you to understand what are the basic perks that the employees at Macy get. Getting your paycheck is not the only benefit of working at Macy’s. These benefits will help to be motivated at work. Let us get into the details of the perks available to the employees. If you are one of those who is about to join the company then this information would give you a heads-up.

Macy's Employees Perks

Flexible Work Schedules

There is no fixed schedule for you. The company will not set the timings for you. They believe that work-life balance is important for every individual and therefore they provide a flexible working schedule for each employee according to their needs.

Advanced work schedules

The company will not provide any uncertainty in your work schedule. They will always keep you updated on your work schedule beforehand probably a week before. The advanced week schedule will help you to plan accordingly.

Macy Employee Discounts

Macy provides special discounts only to its employees. You can make any kind of purchases from Macy and you will get a specified discount on your purchase. The company also allows you to use your coupons, there are no restrictions on using the coupons. You can save money through this while making purchases. The purchase has restrictions either. You can buy from any category.

On-Job Training

This is an approach from the company to guide their employees. No matter the day if the employee needs any kind of guidance from the company, they will help you accordingly and explain the following work. This way you can get better at what you do. Effectiveness in work is very important. Hence this approach is taken.

Grow As A Team Player

Commitment is very important. The company will give its commitment to all the employees and if that is reciprocated, it will only help the employees to grow more. It is not definite that you need to work on the same path. There are many opportunities within the company and different paths you can follow if the company finds you eligible for it.

Thanksgiving Day Parade

As an employee, you can be a part of the Thanksgiving day parade that Macy organizes every year. You no need to watch it on the Tv.

Other Benefits

Along with all of this you can also enjoy health benefits and retirement benefits too.

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Macy is one of the fortune 500 companies and you will be treated as an employee of a Fortune 500 company. The employee at Macy is very nicely taken care of and you will find the company will take care of their own. In case you have any other questions, you can ask us through the comment box below.

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