Macy’s Green Living

Macy's Green Living

This article is based on the projects and work that Macy’s does to keep the earth safe and green. You will find the latest news on what they did and along with it, we will also try to set up statistics to prove the point. Every company should do some projects like this because we […]

Macy’s Visitor Savings Pass

Macy's Visitor Savings Pass

Today’s article is written with a focus on saving your money while shopping at Macy’s. We all want to save when we shop. That way we will be able to shop is less amount and savings would make us happy and feel a little bit more satisfied. Thus Macy provides us opportunities in between to […]

Macy’s Star Rewards

Macy's Star Rewards

This article will focus on the reward system of Macy’s. There are many companies that provide some kind of rewards to their customer. Why? This is because every company wants to retain and increase their customer base. This means you need to keep giving them a reason to shop at your company rather than choosing […]

Macy’s In-Store Dining

Macy's In-Store Dining

We have already heard about the shopping experience at Macy’s. Now we are going to provide you information on something more. Something unique that Macy does for its customers. This is one very unique way to engage customers. They are proving to be very effective and the customers love it. This is the Macy’s in-store […]

Macy’s Store Pick Up

Macy's Store Pick Up Policies

Macy’s is a well-known brand that offers various types of clothing services of women, men and children. They have many stores across the world for they believe in providing the customers with the best service. Thus, this article is about the general information one should know regarding Macy’s store pick up. They have a variety […]

Macy’s Furniture & Mattress Policies

Macy's Furniture & Mattress Policies

This article is to provide and clear any of your queries regarding Macy’s Furniture & Mattress Policies. Since we all know Macy’s is a well-known brand worldwide. With its astounding facilities and services, they are always the first choice for their customers. So here are some facts you need to know about their Furniture and […]